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Solar Battery Storage is a smart way to make the most of your gathered solar energy. In short, it allows you to generate electricity via your solar panels to store and then use only when you need it.

This solves one of the biggest issues with solar PV being that the peak hours for solar harvesting are the hours when electricity is at its lowest demand throughout the day.

Think of it this way, you automatically generate electricity through your solar panels through the day and then simply run your home or commercial property at night for absolutely free!

SCJ is qualified to install battery storage systems and is an accredited installer of the Eton / Nissan X Storage system.


The Xstorage at Home System

xStorage Home stores energy at the most economical times of the day while controlling how and when that energy is put to use, saving you money and bettering the entire energy system. xStorage Home has been designed to be the most reliable and affordable home energy storage solution on the market. It seamlessly integrates all the hardware and software needed to manage and store the energy your home needs in a single unit.


How does Xstorage work?

Used to provide Grid Services: xStorage Home could charge from the grid or discharge to the grid in order to generate the flexibility needed to further increase the penetration of renewable energy
Renewables: xStorage Home can store energy from your renewables installation (Solar panels, wind power, subfloor heating…) and allow to use that energy for your home when you need it
XStorage Home: The battery stocks both grid and renewable energy during the day, allowing you to source it how you want and when you want. Thanks to Nissan + Eaton technology, you have the power (and can even give some back to the grid as well).
Redistribute over production of renewables: Sometimes, your renewables are producing more energy than needed to power the load. Therefore, xStorage Home injects the energy back into the grid when the demand is high.

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Xstorage for Business

xStorage gives businesses an innovative, flexible solution for managing energy costs through intelligent energy storage allowing to optimise the cost of energy whether from the grid at off peak times or from renewable sources such as solar or wind.

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Download the xStorage Home Brochure below to find out more:



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